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Welcome to the webshop of the de Groot family

De Groot Motorcycles spares, is a specialist in spares for BSA, AJS and Matchless.

We have been engaged in this hobby for about 40 years. With our components we are also at old-timer fairs in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

And because it can be continued on January 1, last René joined the company. René is the oldest son of Jacob and Hennie and of course grew up between all engine parts and the hobby of his parents. through which his love for the engines has grown.

If you cannot find the spares you are looking for in the webshop, then please contact us for more information:


Telefoon: +31.561 499378

We are using WhatsApp : + 31 654965690

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The Autojumbles Wieze, Hardenberg, Mannheim and Kootwijkerbroek have been canceled due to the Covid-19.

And also Wormer is canceled